Thursday, November 12, 2009

Define a Business Model to Get Money From Internet

When you start your way to get money from internet usually do not define a business model as to where to start with. There are thousands of offers in the web that claim to help you to pave the road inside the internet.

Some of them are merely useless, but newbies do not know how to evaluate them. If you are just coming into the internet world thinking how to get easy money, you may be assaulted by some of the old sharks that swim on the web ocean.

It is very probable that you will throw some money away before you realize how internet money flows. First thing you need to know is that Google is the king. You must adhere to it. You must learn how it works and think how to take advantage of it.

After you convince yourself about, then the hardowrk starts. You need to define a business model you will follow. I know most of you do not have a clue about what a business model is. A business model is the concept, plan and actions that will materialize the idea you have to earn money.

If you do not define a business model big chances are you will not make any money. If you have heard about all those people claiming in the forums that they not make any money, now you can understand that one of the primary reasons is they do not define a business model.

Most of the people that come online looking for extra money are employees offline, they have a day job that covers most of the bills and have no more concern that doing the daily basic tasks their duty requires them.

When they come to internet world, they bring the mind model of being an employee, so they start looking for a boss that will ask them to do something and will pay them back. That is why a lot of affiliate sites get a lot of people affiliated that make very poor sales.

Most of the people do not know how to be their own boss neither how to sale something. Some of them have a product they created and think internet surfers will soar for their product. They have no idea as to how online market works and fail soundly when attempting to follow internet marketers’ advice and instructions.

They also can not afford to dedicate enough time to work online and look for quick schemes solutions that promise fast results. They do not have time to learn and define a business model.

That is very well known by old online marketers who take advantage of it and sale how to products that can be resaled. Those resalers make very low sales, but as there are thousands, volume produces profit. Internet marketers have been doing that for years and earning money.

Most of people go offline with the feeling that internet is a wild world dominated by non face people who holds unveiled secrets and tools that are not on the offline people reach.

They come back to their day job after fueling money to internet. This is the history of thousands of day job workers who have heard about incredible opportunities at internet. They do not understand internet and have no time to do it.

They want a magic path that will provide quick results without going through the process to become their own boss and create a business online. They do not understand that first of all they need to define a business model and stick to it until getting results.

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