Friday, February 5, 2010

Get Money Online With A Different Perspective

When you type in Google how to get money or how to make money you will find millions of websites that claim to have an answer for that question. The fact is very few people are getting money online.

It is surprising how newcomers get lost in the sea of internet marketing. You just need to review financial results of the companies that provide internet services. Please go to,, or some similar internet giant and review the financial results.

You must review the revenues figures. You will get surprised. Then you check the cost of sales, and inside that the concept that includes partners. Check the amount of money those companies give away to their partners.

There you can see the size of the cake they share and that you can take a piece of. I am talking about billion of dollars, really, you just need to check the revenues of Google for example and how much they spent in partners.

I am not going to provide those numbers here because they are public and also because if you are seriously thinking to get money from internet, then you need to understand that it is going to take you time. You may use part of that time to go and check by yourself those numbers.

If you are a user of Google, and I am 80% confident you are, just go to the company site, not the search engine page, and inside investor relations area you will find the quarterly and yearly reports.

Those numbers will give you a clear image about the size of the market on which Google is the leader. It is the advertisement market and it moves billion of dollars. By now USA is the biggest market but not the only one. Actually a big percentage of the revenues for Google come from non USA customers.

You can do the same with other companies listed here and similar ones. If the company you are making partnership with is this reliable then go for it. If you are not able to find how that company gets money, then you may ask yourself how they will hand over money to you.

Please invest a few minutes to check a different perspective to get money online. Sell and resell items and ebooks are not the only ways that you can follow in order to get some money. You can become part of the advertisement process and help other to sell something.

As you can imagine this is an industry you need to learn how it works and then initiate your career inside it. Do not take for granted you already know everything about it. Every day there are new things you need to learn.

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