Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Get Money With A Personal Finance Plan

A lot of people are in finance problems. This is not only due to economic crisis we are living but also due to the habits we have for the money usage. First of all we think that we want to have more money, but in our subconscious we feel that we do not deserve the money. We need to make a personal finance plan that incorporates this factor.

We have been taught that money is evil, that whoever has money beyond his necessities will be tempted to perform bad actions. We also have learned since we were born that getting money is a difficult process that requires a big effort. If you do not put effort to make money, then you do not deserve the money you are getting

There is also the belief that we will always need money. We hear that from our parents day after day until we believe it. We hear that at an age when we are not able to question it. We also receive that idea from the people who has the biggest authority towards us. That is why we take it as an unquestionable truth. Allmost every personal finance plan misses this situation

When we grow, we hear different ideas. We meet people who tell us that we can make a lot of money with much less effort and we like what we hear but we do not know how to change those carved ideas in our mind from our childhood. We fail because we think that we only need to want a change to make it. We do not change by magic. We do not change by wishing.

If we want to change we need to be aware of our inner beliefs. Those beliefs are the ones that rule our behavior and our performance. For example, if we want to make more money with less effort, we think that all we need is to wish it and then do something. But the results are not as expected because wwe did not change our inner belief and this will sabotage us.

After a while we realize that nothing changed, we did not get money as we planned. Moreover we are now frustrated and anger because we have failed. We feel that we have been scammed by those who told us we could make money. And we reinforce our inner idea that money is hard to get and that we do not deserve it because we wanted to cheat the destiny.

But we are not conscious of this process which takes place inside our brain without letting us understand it. We need to understand that before we decide to get more money, we need to modify our inner beliefs about the money. We need to think that we deserve it. We need to think that the money we have is not proportional to the effort we make. It is proportional to our beliefs. When we make our personal finance plan we need to include this factor.

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