Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Google Terms And Conditions

We have heard or read that Google is very random when acting behind his algorithm in order to stop those ones who try to use black hat SEO techniques. I will talk about my own experience. I have created several blogs using Blogger, the free plattform that Google provides for every body wishing to spread his ideas. My objective is not only to spread my ideas but also to make money.

With that idea in mind I work to create unique content with targeted keywords that are well paid by Adsense. So, I entered the Adsense program, which is owned by Google also and pays per click. This means I get money every time some visitor clicks on the ads displayed on this blog and goes to the site that is paying for the advertisement. Hopefully they buy something, which is very probable due to the CTR.

I created another blog for a certain market niche and joined an automatic content creation service that was sending posts in a systematic manner to that blog. The last time that Google reviewed its algorithm included a feature to detect those kind of blogs created in its Blogger plattform. And when it found my blog decided to close my account. It completely erased my iGoogle account, mi gmail, my adsense account, my adword account and all my blogger blogs.

It was surprising, but I had already created another set of blogs of my own. So it did not make me surrender. When I tried to access my adsense account, Google established that as I had not surpassed certain amount of cummulative earnings they would not pay me anything. All of it is in the Terms and Conditions. So when I signed my contract I accepted all those Terms and Conditions. I did not waste my time and energy getting angry with Google. I continued working with my other non Blogger blogs and changed my Adsense settings in order to create a new account.

Google accepted me to change my Adsense settings and restarted my account but I started from scratch. It erased everything. I had to connect all my sites back again. After a few days mi gmail and Adword account were restored back, but Google did not restore my blog with autopilot content. It told me that the blog had been erased because it was spam. During the few days that Google disconnected me I investigated what had happened and found that Google had erased thousands if not milllions of blogs from Blogger which were determined to be spam by the new tweak in the algorithm.

I have recommended Adsense and still do it. I have also recommended to follow Google conditions and I still do it. If you are doing something that is not accepted by Google they will find a way to make you meet their Terms and Conditions. As they explain, tehy will not go towards a single site, they will go towards all the sites that have used black  or grey SEO techniques at once. It is established by them.

Do not get discouraged by those little vicissitudes that you will find in your route to make money. Learn from it and move forward. Remember that the method works, and the method includes Google, so do not piss them off. Do not step over the Google Term and Conditions.

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