Monday, September 6, 2010

There Are Many Ways To Get Money Online

Making a review about the ways to get money online I have found several routes to follow. I will describe some of the more common ones and will also provide my personal perspective.

Affiliate Systems

By far the most common and popular method described online to get money is the affiliate systems. This process starts with a person who created a product that He or She thinks is demanded by internet surfers. Then this person looks for other persons to help him to sell the product. The way of attracting them is by offering a high percentage of the price as profit for the reseller.

If the product to be sold is a physical tangible item then you become a member of a multilevel scheme. If you like this model of making money or you have experience already, then you will probably have good results. The downside of this method is for people who do not have any experience and do not know how this method works. A lot of people think that they will earn a lot of money in a short period of time. This is not very likely to happen.

If you have seen somebody offering online a product that claims to have the latest and biggest secret to make money online, do not believe it. If you are seriously thinking to make money online, be clear that this is a long term career as any option offline. An affiliate system is an option to make a long term project and if you are willing to learn how it is done, and pay the price, then do not get caught by the hype of the sellers.

Make a thorough analysis of the person and product you are going to promote and remember that the original creator of the product is the one who will get the more money. After you have learnt how an affiliate system works, then I recommend you to create a product and start making more money. Do it after you have already made money as an affiliate, because that experience will help you to support your affiliates to sell more products and make more money.

There are many sites online offering to enter an affiliate system. They sell from e-books to text links. If you are a newbie you can start with Clickbank which actually show on his main page how many dollars the affiliates have earned and counting. Go there and take a look. Ask for free books training and decide if that is for you. I have entered this world and by experience I know you must focus. Then you comeback and give us your comments.

Paid Surveys

There is another very well promoted way to make money which is filling in surveys about products or services. I can tell you that I tried this model once and got nothing. I know I did not dedicate time enough in order to understand the method and make it work.

This type of job is more appropriate for students and housewives who have a few free hours during the week and are not interested to investigate deeper to understand every aspect of internet marketing. They just want to get some quick cash to get rid of some punctual debt or buy something they need at once.

This does not mean you should not try. It may be that you find a way that allows you to obtain a decent amount of money by diligently dedicating to work this method out. You may try this road in sites like cashcrate. It can be a fund that you use to boost your career online. It is always very rewarding to see some results while in the journey to build an empire of passive income that will lead us to financial freedom.

Auctions Online

Those objects that we keep at home because we spent money on them can help us to get some cash. If you feel that somebody can have a need that is covered by some of those dusty items, then you can offer them through an auction site. The most famous is Ebay. Go and open an account as a salesperson and start offering your products there. There are two manners to sell the product, one is by simply selling them on a fix price, and the other one is by presenting an auction and deliver the product to the highest offer.

You may think that this manner looks like buying and selling type of activity. And it is like that, with a very important difference, you do not need to have physical presence to be showing the product all day and night. And the potential customers are all over the world. If your product can be used anywhere around the globe, then you have the entire world full of potential customers. Do you feel the difference?

Do not get me wrong, you still need to learn how to become a member of the auction sites and also what the products with most demand are in order to be successful. Let me remark the necessity to study every method to get money online. If you do not become proficient you will probably loss time and money. If you wish to create a sustainable income source online you must learn how to do it. It is not easy and it is not fast but once you dominate it, you will be making money.

Learn how to attract potential customers inside the auction site by offering the most popular products and you may have a long term career. It is not surprising find people who has created a complete set of products to sold through those channels and have built a shop online. If you follow that route you could become a good merchandise salesman. If you provide good products and good service your customers will trust you and will come back to purchase things that you sell. More over you can start providing products on demand, which means that you will not need to have a stock on hand but looking for the items after you have sold them.

If you train yourself about retail business models you will soon find that the best finance model is to sell the product before purchasing it. That is the way that big retailer companies work; they sell an item well before paying it to their suppliers. That gives them cash on hand and power to reduce supplier prices and be able to offer great promotions to their final customers, who are the ones who put the money on the table.

As you can see just by entering an auction site and trying to understand the best way to taka advantage of it, you can learn a lot of concepts that you were not familiar with and that can help you to optimize your efforts to earn money online. This is a secondary effect of trying to make some cash at internet; you will learn a lot of new things and concepts that you did not know that existed.

Selling Text Links

You may already have a page or blog that you have been working at. If that is your case then you can take advantage of it. Just check the Pagerank that Google gives you. You can do that by downloading the Google toolbar and installing it on your computer. That toolbar has several features including an automatic Pagerank index that is displayed just by going to the page you would like to know it for.

You can also download Mozilla Firefox browser which can be upgraded with a lot of pluggings, which are free features that provide the browser with capabilities to analyze the pages you visit. Among other functionalities, you can install a plugging that automatically shows the Pagerank of every page on the results list for any keyword you type in the browser. This gives you the easiness of having a lot of pages compared at once. If you want to be a professional marketer this is the kind of tools you must have.

Once you check your site Pagerank you can investigate which words you are being listed on the top 10 first sites at Google. You can check also Bing and Yahoo but remember that Google is the king. In order to know where your page stands for any keyword you can go to and follow the simple instructions there.

If your site is not among the top 10 first places for any keyword you can still offer it to sell text links as long as your Pagerank is bigger than zero. You go a site that functions as broker, for example Teliad, and list your blog or page to receive text links. The broker will charge a monthly fee to the potential customers and will give you a percentage of it. Your job here is to create a link on your blog or site linking to the customer site with the anchor text He requests.

The objective of buying text links is not only to get traffic but also to increase the popularity before Google bots in such a way that the customer site climbs places when somebody types the keywords used as anchor text in your blog or page. Some customers like to have the links among the body of the text and some others aside the text. The price varies with the position. Read the terms and conditions of the broker that you join to and make sure you follow them in order to prevent any problem when collecting your money.

Paid Advertising

This is the method I am working long term with. The process takes months to years to produce results. First of all you need to define the market niche you will attack. Then you research which keywords are the ones with the highest payment rate and that have the lowest competition rate at the same time. It sounds tricky but it is possible to do it if you have the right tools.

The tools you need to find the right keywords are Mozilla Firefox and this link from the Adwords Program from Google: that we will name GKeyW Tool. It is possible to use the Google Toolbar with his Pagerank functionality but it will take you 4 to 5 times more to get the same information. It is up to you.

The process is as follows: You go to GKeyW Tool page, select the older version and type the keywords you want to know if are good candidates to fight for. Those keywords that have more than 10000 unique searches, and pay one dollar or more, are potential candidates to be utilized to build a blog and try to put them in the first spots on search engine page results. You can also select keywords that when you multiple searches times dollars give you a result bigger than 10,000.

After you get those keywords then you open Mozilla Firefox and go to Google. Type in Google page the keywords and review the first 5 results. If no one of them have Pagerank bigger than 3, then you have a winner keyword. If you are not able to find any winner keyword on the first trial, do not desperate and continue looking for more candidates at GKeyW Tool. It is much better that you invest some time at this point of the process and not have a bad keyword that will make you invest much more time later, or worst a failed keyword that will not give you any money.

Once you have found a winner keyword then create a page containing your keyword in the name of the URL. You may not find the exact name with your hosting provider, if that is the case then just add at the end, and I remark at the end, some generic word as guide, guideline or something like that which makes sense. Go and create your blog putting your keyword in every post with diverse variations. At this time you should have realized that you will need to learn how to create a blog optimized for search engines. Just do it.

Once you have your blog built up optimized for search engines then you need to get as many links with your keyword as the anchor text as possible. This is the core factor for your page to appear on the first spot in Google. You must dedicate all of your time to get links. There are many ways to get links. You can do it one by one or pay for a service to obtain a bunch of them at one shot. You can purchase text links from other sites. You can buy articles and publish them with your links. There are those options and more.

I will cut my recommendations here. I will come back later with more ideas.


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