Saturday, June 5, 2010

Make Money With Persistence

If you analyze how people make a lot of money you can see that there are very few general routes. One of them is to receive it from a dead relative. This is very rare. If you receive money from a relative who passed away, you probably have money already and that is why you happened to have a rich relative willing to leave you his money.

Other option is to win the lotto. Just by reading the ticket you will realize how low the probability is to hit the jackpot. Lottery issues around 100, 000 to 1,000,000 tickets, so, the probability to hit the jackpot goes from 1 out of 100,000 to 1 out of 1,000,000 opportunities. This means you need to buy from 100,000 to 1,000,000 tickets along your life to be almost sure that you will hit the jackpot.

If you wan to be 100% sure you will win the lotto, then you need to buy every single ticket at once. As the total cost of the tickets is higher than the prize, then you will loss money. So, for sure you will not make money if you do this. After seeing the numbers it is difficult to understand why so many people buy tickets with the hope to become rich some day. I would suggest buying tickets as a support action for the lotto organization, and that it is.

Of course there are more options similar to the previous one described here where you can receive a big amount of money at one shot. And if you analyze them thoroughly you will very soon discover that the probability to happen to you is extremely low. If you do not believe it, make the numerical analysis by yourself. Make it without emotion, just guided by the numbers.

A third route to make money is to start building channels to funnel the money to you. Start by accepting that this is a long time process. Then include in your inner thoughts the faith needed to believe that it is truth. It is possible to make a lot of money through the time. It is not easy and it is not fast. It is not magic and it does not happen by itself. But it is entirely possible. Other persons have made it, so it is completely possible.

Let’s make a simple exercise. Imagine that you start a journey that will take you years to accomplish. This journey has as an objective to make you money. The target you define can be to earn 1 million dollars per year. Then you learn a method to achieve this target that requires working during the next 10 years in a structured manner. You do not question the method, just start to implement it. If after 10 years you happen to be making half a million dollars every year, would you complain about the method?

Now, let’s comeback to this moment, you are not making that half a million dollar every year, and I am pretty sure you do not believe you can make it, not even after 10 years. You are not willing to learn a method to make it in 10 years. You do not want to invest 10 years. You feel that is a waste of your time. Let me tell you something, if you are older than 10 years then you have already wasted those 10 years and still you are not earning that half a million dollars per year.

What makes you think that your situation will be different 10 years from now? Are you changing something in your life? Are you doing something different in your life? Have you started a process to achieve a target for money making objective within one year, within 2 years, within 5 years, within 10 years from now? If you are doing the same things you have done during the last 10 years, what exactly make you thing that things will be different 10 years from now?

If you are thinking the same way and believing the same things I bet you that you will be in the same situation after 10 years. Well, not exactly in the same situation, you will be 10 years older. That will be the only difference. You can take a picture of yourself from this day and just add a few creases and then you can see yourself 10 years from now. You will have lived some moments that you will remember with joy or sadness. One of those sad moments will be to think that you did not start something new to make money.

If you decide to start a process to make money, then you need persistence. Think of this, you need to change your mind and habits. In that order, change your beliefs and then your actions will change. For example, if you think that money is evil, then you tend to move away from it. In order to walk towards the money, you need to believe that money is good. It serves you. You are the master; you control it and use it for good. It helps you to help people. At this moment you may not provide job to some body because you do not have enough money to build a company or a factory.

If you make money, then you may hire people to work with you to help you to make more money. Meanwhile that person may see you as the savior. He may have been in a very bad situation because of lack of job until He found you. Now you provide him not just with money but also with peace of mind. If He has a family, then the benefit extends to them. You will be blessed by them. Because of you providing a job with your money, the little son of your employee will have a good education and will become good citizen instead of an angry potential criminal.

Just with a small example you can see money is good. And you master it, so you make good things with money. Thinking good of yourself will help you to stay still looking for your objectives. Create a powerful vision of yourself and stick to it. Create a vision that makes you feel good and motivate you to move forward. Then make a plan to achieve it. If you invest your life in this process, you will die as a happy person. You may not ending earning 1 million dollars a year after 10 years, but I can assure you that whatever the outcome you get, you will be living a better life by then.

You need to stay motivated and in the rote to make money. When we receive a new idea that makes us a lot of sense, we feel that the light we have found will enlighten us forever. It does not happen that way. We need to maintain it fueling it with new ideas that support it. It is like when you get married being deeply in love. Love will keep you together for a few years. And then you need to commit yourself towards your spouse. You need to find new reasons to be together for the rest of your life. The relation matures and grows and you grow with it.

Process to increase your income is similar to marriage. You know the method and feel the ambition like love and you may find an idea to marry to. After awhile, if the results are not as fast and delightful as expected, you may feel the desire to quit. At this moment you must review the results. If they are positive, meaning the results are going in the right direction but not as fast as expected, you may better learn how to speed them up instead of abandoning the idea.

In the overall process to make money, persistence is one key factor. It is the characteristic that will rescue you from leaving when results are not as good as expected. It is not easy and we are not born with persistence. We need to learn to be persistent. We need to forge the habit to keep the focus and invest our efforts beyond the easy slot of the journey. We need to prove ourselves by trying new manners to make thing even though we are not familiar with it. We need to defeat the fear to change. We need to change that fear into motivation to improve. If we are able to change our feelings towards an idea we will be able to implement it with conviction.

Look around and you will find countless examples of persons who have entitled themselves in a journey regardless the obstacles. Some times they do not have a clear idea as to how they will arrive to the goal. They just have an objective and put targets in the route. Remember an objective is to improve something, is the vision you wish to achieve. And a target is the numerical step defined to measure the advance. For example if you want to increase your income, that is your objective. And your target can be 10% after a year. You can define several targets along the time for an objective. You can think about another target by setting to increase your income 20% after 2 years and so on.

You may expect to receive money from a passed away relative. You may also hope to hit the jackpot by purchasing a lottery ticket. Those are valid expectation although the probability is very low and the time frame is uncertain. You can also start a long time endeavor by changing your mind and putting your faith on practice. This perspective takes time, some economic investment and a big effort from your side, but the probability for you to make money is very high. A collateral benefit for you is that you will learn a lot of new ideas and develop new skills that you would not by buying a lotto ticket or attending a relative’s funeral.

It is not easy to change our mind in order to achieve different results. As we get older we increase the resistance to accept new ideas. After we convince ourselves that a new concept is true and if we include it among our beliefs we will improve our lives, we still need some extra mind work in order to fully incorporate it into our background. When you feel that you are in this situation be honest to you and candidly accept that you need help in order to increase your income.


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