Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Make Money Online

There are a lot of people looking for ways to make money online. Unfortunately there are very few persons doing so. I have found two main ways to earn some money. One of them is by developing an e-product and create an affiliate system. The network that is created provides the potential customers that will purchase the e-product.

Another way is to create a page and work hard to make it reach to first place in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for some keyword that is actively being typed at such search engine. In order to do so, you need to find those keywords being searched, then create a page with unique content related to that topic, and finally get an insane amount of backlinks with those keywords as anchor text.

This is very hard to achieve. And it takes time. That is why a lot of people buy products that claim to be the ultimate secret to make money online in a quick manner. Most of the internet surfers think that there must be some very well kept secret by some skillful persons that do not want to share it for free. That make me smile. Do you really think that such a magic product exists? Then you deserve to give it a try in order to get experience by yourself.

The affiliate systems are like multilevel type of schemes. You will need to look for a lot of new affiliates in order to get some of them to buy the product and then make some money. This is also hard work. You need to maintain your business in a similar way to a brick and mortar store. You need to work hard every day looking for more affiliates. You can not disconnect from there. Problogger.net is a good example of such a business. Darren Rowse can not let his blog go by itself. He needs to be writting every day. He must update his blog very often in order for his readers to come back once and again and buy the new e-products he promotes.

This is an example of a full time job to make money online. There are thosuands of pages or blogs working under that model. They make a lot of money. If you think that you have enough skills and knowledge to share with others in some sepcialized field, then you can create a page like that and provide information services to your visitors. After some months or years you will be recognized at internet world as a specialist in your field and your visitors may purchase e-products that you create or recommend. You will make money online by either selling e-products from your own or advertisement for other people´s products.

Taking a page to the first spot in a search engine requires another process. First of all,  find a market niche that has companies paying for advertisement. Then perform a research to find keywords related to that market niche that are being searched in the search engines by internet surfers. Check that there are not sites very well positioned at first page of the search engine for those keywords. After that you create a site with the keywords in its name. Just go to a hosting service provider and register your site and pay for the hosting. If you do not have money then you can use a free service like blogger.

Once you create your blog, write unique content in it. You do not need to create an enciclopaedia, just coherent contente related to the market niche you selected. You create posts containing your keyword or keywords and provide useful information to your visitors. Your keywords may go in the title and inside the post content in a natural manner. Write 5 to 10 posts containing around 400 to 500 words or more. The more words the better.

And then, use all the time and knowlegde you have to get backlinks. Make your schedule to spend 10% of your time writting for your blog and 90% creating backlinks. Your backlinks must be built with your keywords as anchor text. Search for sites that are related tou your market niche. Also pages that have authority for search engines. And that is all. Create an insane amount of backlinks. Create thousands of backlinks. Create millions if posible.

Once you put your page on the first page of the search engine, you will need not more big efforts to receive visitors. They will come to your page through the search engine. And if you made a good research for your market niche, your visitors will probably buy your products or click your ads. And there you will make money online. The difference with affiliate systems is that, once on the first spot, the maintenance work is very low. You do not need to be writing every day, just when you see your blog drop from first spot at the search engine. You write another post and get a few more baclinks.

Of course there are more methods to make money online such as surveys, product testing and similars. Those methods give you a few dollars and they are like being a regular employee. You need to work every day and there is a limit for the money you can make. The methods I described in this post require hard work and time but there is no limit for the money you can make. It is your decision which one you select. Good Luck.


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