Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bloggers vs Internet Marketers

When bloggers come to the world of looking for ways to get money, they are entering the arena of internet marketers, which has an entirely different perspective to see the internet world.

Bloggers like to write about whatever they enjoy and share their ideas to a group of people willing to read and understand them. They expect to develop a loyal readership and evolve along the time into a crowd with similarities more than differences.

The time goes by and if people likes the blog they will recommend it to some other readers that will steadily increase the number of loyal visitors looking for fresh information related to the topic the blog was built for.

If the crowd becomes big, it may happen the blogger opens the door to the idea of getting some money from there. Here is where He defies the internet marketers’ world and the blogger enters an almost completely unknown world for him. He does not even know the internet marketers exist.

At the beginning the blogger surfs the internet searching for ideas to monetize his blog and take advantage of the increasing number of loyal recurring visitors. He thinks, illusionary, that He can make the tons of money other people have made because of his social loyal readers.

The blogger very soon finds Adsense and learns that is the most used and simplest way to monetize his blog. After a few months using Adsense the enthusiastic blogger obtains close to zero dollars and thinks that there must be some hidden secret to get money online.

There is when start getting closer to internet marketers, who advice him to continue doing what He is doing but with small changes. If lucky, He will get on page optimization guidelines and may accept to do that, or not, thinking that his fancy created blog will not suffer any modification entitled to make money. He sticks to the fact that He did not create the blog to get money online but to get loyal readers that liked his ideas and support his life approach.

That is the first difference vs an internet marketer. Internet marketers when creating a blog, they make it to make money. If a loyal readership starts to develop, then a decision must be made. They may reconvert the blog to become social and take advantage and sell social stuff or sell it.

After the acceptance or rejection of the blog modifications, the blogger still may think He deserves some money from the hard work He makes to maintain the blog with fresh information for his loyal readership.

He continues investigating and finds that in order to get some money from internet He needs traffic from search engines. Here is the second difference vs an internet marketer.

How comes the blogger needs traffic from search engines? He already has a lot of traffic visiting his blog without needing the search engines. This does not make any sense for the poor blogger looking to get some money from internet.

He may not pass from here and will abandon his crusade to get money online thinking that there are evil persons managing internet and getting all the money for themselves.

He may continue investigating how to make money for the sake of the knowledge. He will learn that to get traffic from search engines, He must focus his efforts in Google, the king of the searches.

After overcoming the ugly and plain look of Google page He decides to give a chance and in the name of the social science, not anymore for money, He decides to go for Top 1 Spot in Google.

He is still not sure about which keyword to fight the SERPs battle. His heart says his own, but the expensive software He acquired while looking for the hidden secrets points to some said profitable market niche keyword. He resists and follows his heart, not an insensitive internet application.

If the blogger at this point, against his will, still persists in the route to get some money in the name of the social science, He will find that the only one big important factor to get on Top 1 Spot in Google is backlinks.

He feels rewarded by internet gods. He feels very proud of himself resisting against internet demons that made him doubt. He sees himself as David defeating Goliath being backlinks his weapon. He secretly recognizes him as the Holy Grail conqueror.

And He starts attacking with his backlinks without imagining the Star Wars backlinks attacking system internet marketers have developed for themselves.

When blogger shuts his little gun, meaning the few non optimized backlinks gotten from his social readers, the internet marketers just need a couple of guns to defeat him back which are keyword optimized sites and backlinks with anchored text.

If the blogger dares to attack a high competitive market niche then He will suffer the crossfire from the enormous weaponry internet marketers store in their hangars, keyword optimized backlink massive networks. That is a huge monster behind the hills which won’t let the brave blogger to go any further in that direction.

He may invest some time learning about the internet marketers’ army and weaponry before deciding that the war is over and He has been defeated. Lack of money and no advance will tell him that He made a good decision.

If the blogger is one of those rare persons who use to learn from defeats, He will choose a guerrilla path. He will go after low competitive market niches keywords and start hitting top spots in SERPs for those. Then He will start building authority sites to convey keyword targeted links to new sites and use them as a backbone support when facing internet marketers’ small weaponry.

After getting his first dollars He will invest them to increase his army to match internet marketers’, in order to be able to survive in the new world he has entered in. He will develop a network for his own. His old blog becomes a fort in the marketing world. He becomes a very well trained on the internet marketing war soldier.

Social science has been forgotten. It is a casualty. He steps up on the defeated sites to climb higher in SERPs. Winner takes it all and gives no explanation.

He has erased all the differences vs internet marketers. He is not a blogger anymore. Sad but true. That is why bloggers do not get money from internet. There are no bloggers making money online, there are only internet marketers, some of them were bloggers some time in the past. Not anymore. Money changes it all.

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