Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting Money from Profitable Market Niches

You must be thinking that has been a long way to explain you how to build your free page and I should tell you by now how and where to do it, but before that I want to provide you a post for you to increase your chances to get money online. This post will explain you how getting money from profitable market niches. This is important and at the end of the post you will understand why.

By this time, and if you have gotten stuck to this blog, you have defined your market niche and created a list of keywords people will find you with when searching through Google.

You have also learned how to set up a page that is Google bots friendly to be well positioned in the SERPs list. You understand that the biggest factor to boost your page into the SERPs results is the backlinks.

Also you acquired an idea as to how Google bots expect your site to behave within the next days or weeks in order for them to take you seriously and not to index you like a spammer.

You still need to know how to monetize your blog. We will see that in a coming post after we build one site. Monetizing will be included when we take the site to first page results of Google.

Imagine you set up everything right and your page is on Top 10 or Top 3 Spots for your keywords. Visitors stop by your page in a steady manner but money does not come to you. That may be because your market niche does not have people willing to spend money. Yes, Internet is the place where most of the people think everything should be for free.

Slowly but firmly the idea of paying stuff through internet is advancing. We need then start getting money from profitable market niches that are in that battle line.

Now I am going to tell you how to do it. You can make it in a simple excel sheet. You can also buy software to do it. At the beginning I recommend you to do it in an excel sheet to save money. Once you have your first dollars coming in you can invest them to speed up your money making process.

Open an excel sheet and name the first column Keyword, the second column Adsense, the third column Page, the forth column Date and the fifth column Shows Up. Then go to and type your keyword in the Google box.

Look for Adsense ads; they may be at the top results or at right side bar. You will learn from this allocation Google does, where your sponsored links may be placed when you have your page. Do this process for your top 3 or 5 keywords.

If there are not ads it means there are not page owners buying advertisement for that keyword, so it may happen you will not get customers to click in your ads when offering them through your page.

If there are ads write your keyword on the excel sheet on Keyword column, then write Yes in Adsense column, copy the page(s) being advertised, if more than one page then use one row per page, set the date on the Date column and Yes on Shows Up column.

Do this for about 2 weeks. After that you will have a file that can be filtered by page name. If you find a page or more that are advertising every day after 2 weeks for one or more keywords, then you have a market niche winner.

Those pages are advertising because either of two reasons: they like to waste their money or they are making more money that the one they spend on ads. It is more probable to be the second reason. Sometimes you will find pages that match the first option.

Now that you how found a market niche, you can set up your page following every instruction I have provided you in this blog and I assure you that probability of success is going to be well beyond your expectations.

I need to remark that you need to follow all and every single instruction, and after you get results you will feel comfortable to add your own experience and knowledge acquired during the process.

There are many ways to peel an orange; this is one of them but not the only one. You may surprise yourself with new ideas that will appear when you start to move the wheel.

Also there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of tools available on the internet that will support you on your crusade to get money from profitable market niches.

Now you have better background to assess which of them will help you. Knowledge will set you free.

For me somebody who does not know something is similar to who does not see. Let me explain myself.

Think about yourself being a boy 5 years old. It may be one year or more from now. At that age you get a job from your uncle who tells you that you will get paid 3 times your age an hour for the job. How good or bad is that? Now, at your actual age, you can evaluate how well or bad is that salary, you have gone through formal education at school and know how much is 3 times your 5 age is. Also you know where the salaries range is for certain activities and can make a benchmark. Moreover you know child work is outlaw and you can sue your uncle.

But go back to when you were 5. You did not know how many 3 times your age was to start with. Forget about salaries tables and laws. You did not know how god or bad was the salary. You could not see beyond your limited by age knowledge.

Now that you know how to optimize a page to get top spot in SERPs and how to find a profitable market niche we will create a free page.

If you analyze the characteristics Google looks for in a page to be well positioned you will connect those characteristics to a Blog. You will build a free blog to start getting money from profitable market niches. Let’s move forward.

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