Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Your Money | Google Pagerank

You may think that this blog drives you to nowhere. You need to understand that if you want to get your money from Internet you will need to learn several new concepts. I will just describe what Google pagerank is as it is used by Google bots as part of the backlinks score calculation.

What I mean is that Google Pagerank does not have the importance it used to. The main factor to climb high in the SERPs is backlinks. If you built your page up as described in the previous post and then dedicate most of your time to create backlinks you will get top spots, regardless the pagerank of your site.

Pagerank is a number that Google provides to any page. This number increases with age, content and optimization on page and off page. Off page optimization is how many backlinks are pointing to you with listed characteristics for best backlinks.

As Google Pagerank is a semi static process, sometimes time passes by and Google does not update pagerank in months. This lack of dynamism in pagerank produces that some very low pagerank scored pages shows up on Top 1 Spot for some keywords.

If you want to increase the chances to get your money from Internet do not scratch your head when looking at the poor Google pagerank your just born page has. If you are going to choose a page between high pagerank and a page on Top 1 Spot for backlinks, always choose the page that is at Top 1 Spot.

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