Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money Analyzing Your Visitors

You need to know how and who is visiting you. Google Analytics will describe your visitors. Just enter here and sign up for free This will help you to get money analyzing your visitors. Google Analytics will give you detailed information about the visitors to your page that you can use in order to continue optimizing it.

One item that you can use is the keywords people are typing to find your blog. It is not that they are looking for your blog specifically, but they will find it if you rank high in Google SERPs.

The keywords will not be exactly the ones you have started to optimize your blog with, but pretty similar. For example, instead of typing Digital Cameras from Japan, somebody may type Digital Cameras Manufactured at Japan, and as you wrote a post that includes Manufactured and Japan, Google may have listed you on Top 10 list.

You will see that with several other keyword combinations, since Google bots will like your blog, how it is built up, they will prefer to list you when combinations of keywords related to your blog are typed to be searched.

After a while you will have a list of keywords that may be repeated more then once in Analytics. People typed those words to find your blog. You take the most repeated one, let’s say Digital Cameras Manufactured at Japan, and write a new post with these keywords following the post structure that Google bots like.

Analyzing your visitors is part of the day to day activities to get money online. This tool that is also absolutely free has been provided by Google for their partners to boost their results. Use it and play around with the options the menu gives you. Also document yourself reading about all the features the application has.

Spider bots will come back and see that you are a nice person reinforcing its theory that your blog includes information about Digital Cameras Manufactured at Japan, and not only will boost your position for that keyword but will also put you on the preferred list for other keyword combinations related to Digital Cameras.

Then you create backlinks for your new keyword also, and Google boots will notice that there are more people agreeing with them about your importance related to Digital Cameras Manufactured at Japan. It becomes a virtuoso’s cycle.

The behavior of the people visiting your blog may be unexpected. You must be interested as how they look at your page, how long and where they came from. When you notice that most of the visitors are from Google then it is time to get money analyzing your visitors. Remember we do not want readers to stop by and leave, we want traffic from Google to stop by and click.

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