Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money | Keywords and Backlinks

There are two concepts you need to understand and cast in your memory and language from now on to get money: Keywords and Backlinks. That is all you need.

Keywords are those words that people writes in Google when searching something. For example if a person is looking for digital cameras, He may type a lot of words into Google, the simplest of them being of course Digital Cameras.

Let’s say those are the main keywords somebody may type in order to search for digital cameras. If you know the people diversity, you will know that not all of them will type digital cameras when looking for them, there will be people typing nice digital cameras, beautiful digital cameras, cheap digital cameras, digital vs. analog cameras, blue digital cameras, Chinese digital cameras, Japan digital cameras and even free digital cameras or something else.

Those will be named keywords as all of them are used by people when searching at Google. Why am I referring to Google? Because more than 80% of people that searches something at Internet utilize Google. So let me remark this: You need Google, understand how Google works, and use Google as your partner. Later on, in future posts, I will explain in further detail what I mean by that.

You neet Google to get money online. You need to understand how important keywords and backlinks are in the Google world.

Once keyword is typed into Google and Enter Key is hit, search engines start looking for the pages that best fit the query. To do that Google has an enormous amount of Servers and databases that contain an incredible quantity of pages that have been already crawled by his bots, which are applications developed with the Google algorithm programmed to index pages following rules defined by Google owners.

If you want to understand Google algorithm to index pages please visit this page

You will need some advanced math background, in order to detangle those formulas. However I will describe the main factors Google bots use to index pages and assign a rank in their Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Keep reading this blog.

There are several factors Google uses to index a page; first of all it is the keywords. In order to show up in the SERPs your page must have a keyword being searched into Google. This is pretty obvious, but ignored by millions of site owners that do not connect Google users with visitors to their pages.

Even before that, you need to be found by Google bots and be indexed, meaning to appear on Google SERPs for at least when you type the complete URL of your page. Do not waist your time sending your page to addurl site. In order for your page to get indexed by Google bot you just need to get a link from one site that is already indexed in Google.

We are starting our journey to get money online. There will be some concepts I will be putting in black and white. Two of the most important concepts are Keywords and Backlinks. If you keep coming back you will learn how important they are.

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