Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money Writing Posts in the Blog

Once you have your blog created, you will be prompted to write a post. Your post title must contain your keywords plus some words from your keywords set. You will get money writing posts in the blog. If the phrase makes no sense for a title, then use this symbol | to separate in two parts without loosing the shape. Google bots will ignore the symbol and read only the words, our keywords in our case.

You start writing your post about digital cameras and repeat your title keywords exactly the same way in the first paragraph. For example, if your title is Digital Cameras from Japan, then your first paragraph should look like this: On the latest 90´s the offer of Digital Cameras from Japan has had an incredible growth, making the competence harder for local brands.

You start from there and continue talking about digital cameras. On some other paragraph you repeat the phrase Digital Cameras from Japan as part of the text body. If your post is long enough you will repeat the phrase sometimes making sure you not exceed the 5% barrier.

At the very last paragraph, you prepare your last words and remark some idea about Digital Cameras from Japan. The more naturally the phrase fits into your text the more Google bots will like it. If you include some picture add the ALT tag Digital Cameras from Japan to it.

Very soon you will realize how to get money writing posts in the blog. It will become a natural thought to set up free blogs around one topic.

Then you write a second post with another combination of your keywords taking care of these SEO basic techniques. And then you write another post and another and so on. The longer the posts the more the Google bots will like them.

After several post you have a free page optimized on page for Google. While writing your post you make Google bots to index your page by getting a link from some other page that is already listed in Google.

You may write something like this: I have built up a new blog where I write about Digital Cameras from Japan, please pay a visit to it and drop me a comment.

You can see that anchor text is in blue, so that the link is made with those words. I remark this since it is an extremely important part of the backlink creating process. From now on make sure every link you get has a keyword as an anchor text.

You may use your previous blog, if any, to make a link to your new blog to get money writing posts in the blog. Remember how to make the link, you write a text in one of your posts and make the link with the anchor text Digital Cameras from Japan.

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