Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Get Money | Content of the Page

In the process of showing you how to get money, I must emphasize an important factor for Google bots which is the content of the page. You will read some ideas that may not agreed upon. Do not reject them at the very beginning, take them and place them along with the rest of the concepts you have been learning in this blog. When completing the puzzle then it will make a lot of sense to you.

Most people think that content must be readable and nice for human readers and with this condition accomplished the page will climb in the SERPs. The sad part is that Google employs no humans for indexing and raking the pages, they employ robots. The human readers that stop by the page have zero influence on SERPs results. The readers influence other readers.

If readers like the content or not that will not affect your position in Google lists. Unless they inform Google you are a spammer in such a case you may be de-indexed at all. You may want to rethink what I just said: readers have nothing to do with SERPs position of your page.

Let’s then focus on Google bots, who are the ones that give you the position in Google SERPs. You need them to become friend of your page. They look for big amounts of information related to a specific topic driven by keywords. So you need to write big amounts of information related to your keywords.

Bots also like that pages are updated periodically, that means at least once a month. This is the least relevant condition for content on Google bots eyes. But you can use it when trying to beat an old site that does not often update information. What I mean is that there are pages that are well positioned with no updates at all. Those pages were once built and then unchanged. The factor that keeps them in Top spot is backlinks. No More.

When two pages are alike then it may be just one condition that will make the difference. Those conditions in relevancy order are: backlinks (check the best backlinks characteristics listed in a further post), relevant content (on page optimization), age and amount of information.

You need to understand that, because there are people teaching how to get money, that besides the content of the page, they update it very frequently. They need to do that because they rely on readers to get traffic. You will rely on Google to get traffic and you are learning how Google builds the SERP lists.

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