Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money Analyzing Top 10 Competitors

In order to estimate the effort and time you will need to overcome your competitors to get money, you need to analyze how well optimized on page and off page they are. You may use SEOsurf software. Go to and download the software. It is free. This will help you analyzing top 10 competitors you have for your keywords.

Top 10 competitors are the ones that show up in the very first page of Google results when typing your main keyword.

Type your keyword in Google and check if the first page contains the name in the URL and the page name or title, also look inside the text to match against Google bot requirements for on page optimization.

Copy the URL of the first position in the SEOsurf and fetch the information. Go to incoming links and count the number of links they have. Then go to the first 10 pages that are linking to them and check the anchor text they are using.

If all those factors comply with what Google bots expect in order to list the page in a high rank then it will take you months if not years to overcome that page to get money. You will need to continue analyzing your top 10 competitors in order to find a shortcut to reduce this time.

You do the same with the rest Top 10. In the future, when you are familiar with this analyzing process, you will need only to take a brief sight of the page to decide if it is optimized or not. Meanwhile use SEOsurf to acquire the ability.

If the Top 1 site in the SERPs is not optimized, or lack some of the characteristics for on page and off page optimization, then it is just a matter of building your page following the instructions for on and off page optimization I have provided to in this blog in order to overcome the competitors.

I strongly suggest you to build your first page for a Market Niche that does not have much competence, meaning there are not optimized pages on Top 10 spots of SERPs. This is for you to learn and get confidence by obtaining positive quick results. More on Market Niches coming in further posts.

If you start with a high competency market niche you will get tired and frustrated and will give up in your route to get money. If you are serious about creating a platform that will give you a steady income source on the long run, start slow but firmly. You’re your time analyzing your top 10 competitors at the beginning; and do not underestimate them later on when you feel you are more skillful.

Once you take your first page to the Top 10 for a long tail keyword, then you just repeat the process once and again. You will soon learn that this will become a bored and tedious task. If you happen to start getting some money you may want to invest it to acquire tools that will boost your efforts.

The big advantage you will have when buying those tools is that you will know the process and will take the maximum advantage of them. This is quite important to get the biggest return of your investment.

It is very common that the newcomers to internet getting money world start buying stuff they do not completely understand. Sometimes they do not understand at all and feel scammed and frustrated and retire early.

I write this post to reduce the number of casualties in this get money war. If it happens you feel alike, please drop a comment on order to star building a backlink network. On future posts I will disclose the strategy you may follow to build backlinks.

Meanwhile I would like to support some people by letting them know how to get money analyzing top 10 competitors, which is a mandatory task when starting a new file designed to be at Top Spots in SERPs to get traffic from Google.

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