Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money Online | Breaking Myths

I am writing this post to include my thoughts about some wide spread ideas about the process to get money online. I would like to start breaking myths through putting hands on the ground to work. The answers come from experience.

You will get a lot of money into a very short period of time.

That only happens if you win the lotto or you get in heritage. Everything else requires time and work. Sometimes you will find a market niche that will give you a high convert rate that will make you a lot of money. Do not let it go, stick to it as it is very rare.

You do not need a page to get money.

You may not need a page of your own, but if you do not get at least a free blog to control it, then you will probably end up passing most of your potential earns to the page owner. You will get the most from free pages that allow you full control of them. Google knows it, that is why created blogger.

There are hidden secrets to get Spot 1 on Google.

No, there are not, you have all the secrets revealed in this blog, you need no more than making the work. It will take you time but once there it will be very difficult to beat you down. Just take a look on the pages that are on Top 3, they are either paid pages from Adwords or just somebody’s pages that more or less fits into Google bots requirements to be there. The more they fit the harder to beat them. They reached there by free following the rules from bots. That is all.

Traffic is traffic and does not matter where it comes from.

Traffic is traffic, yes, but if you are entitled to get money online you can start breaking myths with this one. You need to receive targeted traffic from Google that is searching something and find you through your keywords. If you get traffic from social sites they are looking for something to read, for free, they are not looking for something to acquire and are not willing to pay neither. More over, if you happen to get social traffic you better to turn your ads off, because if they click on them by curiosity or accident, or because of your perfectly optimized to get clicks layout, then as they do not buy stuff, the pages being advertised will not sell and you will become a bad partner for Google. Google will penalize you lowering the pay per click rate for you to break this myth. Social traffic does not make you money.

We need people to read our blog.

No, we do not; remember we write for bots not for people, bots take you to top spot, not readers. Readers make you a name for other readers. The money making best blog is the one that is at top 1 in Google for a lot of keyword combinations related to a market niche, and when visitors from Google come in, they spend seconds to realize they will not find what they look for and make click in an ad to go away. That is the perfect money making blog.

We need to have a famous name to sell something in internet.

No we do not, actually the less known the better. If you are a recognized internet marketer you will be hassle by people wanting you to help them to climb on top spots in SERPs. You do not have time to do that, you need time to optimize your next blog. Unless you charge people to do that you will make no money from that activity. I am not saying you do not do it, I am saying you do not need a big name. If you optimize some other person page for free at least request a non reciprocal backlink in return. They will give it to you if you taught them well.

I, alone by myself, will never take a blog to Top 10 spots.

I did it alone by myself, with a free blogger blog, investing no more than time and educated effort. I am not an internet marketer. I know nothing about HTML. What else do you want to know to convince yourself that is possible?

Start moving the wheel to get money online. You can start breaking myths to move faster in the right direction. I wish you the best. Sincerely.

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