Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Free Money | Backlink Building Strategy

Imagine a page to get free money that has just been built up and in no more than one week has thousands of backlinks for just one keyword. This backlink building strategy will immediately make Google bots frown. As a page with excessive keywords inside, a page with excessive links in a very short period of time and for only one keyword will be ignored and may be de-indexed.

Google algorithm has been developed by one of the most brilliant developer team. Google owners have made money enough to put together the best equipment and the most talented people. Those factors allow them to be able to create a process to catch you when doing something they do not approve.

You may think this is not fair. Do not forget Google is a business. Business is not fair or unfair. It is legal or illegal. Google is legal until proven wrong or laws change.

In order to get free money from Google business environment, the backlink building strategy should then be to start getting links for long tail keywords along with main keywords in a reasonable period of time. It may take months to build a good quantity of links with the listed characteristics for the best link.

This is matter of numbers and time. If you check the pages that sit on the Top 10 spots for the keyword you have selected, they are there because are older than your page, have the page optimized for your keywords also and have much more backlinks than you.

Good new is Age is not the main factor to be on the Spot 1. It does not matter if that Top 1 page is 10 years old, all you will need is to over rank it in on page and off page optimization.

This means you need to build your page following the rules Google bot looks for and getting backlinks with the listed characteristics for the best backlink in a quantity that passes over the Top 1 page best backlinks quantity. That is all you need to do. I repeat, that is all you need to do.

Do not overlook what is needed to build your page and get free money from internet. You may feel the concept is very simple but its execution is not. You need to define a plan for your backlink building strategy if you want to overcome the competitors. On the next post we will analyze the competitors.

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