Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money Fast | How Google indexes pages

Google has several spider bots that crawl the Internet looking for fresh information to be provided to his customers: internet surfers looking for something. They screen the pages from top to bottom and left to right. In order to get money fast you need to learn how Google indexes pages. This is a qualitative description that will not mess with the numerical algorithm from Google bots. You do not need to understand deep math as Google owners do in order to rank on Top spots.

The bots like the pages that are clearly structured around one topic. For example if a page is related to digital cameras, they expect the URL to contain the words digital cameras, then inside the text to have the words digital cameras spread in several parts in a more or less random but structured way. What does that mean? It means that the words that describe your page should appear naturally inside the content of the page.

At this point, if you have been reading this blog posts, you may realize that those words bots are looking for in your page are the keywords that surfers type in Google. From experience I know Google bots expect those keywords to be, besides the URL, at the page name or title, within the first paragraph, among several paragraphs inside the page and at the end of the page in the last paragraph. Also if there are images inside the page, they expect the images to contain the keywords in the ALT tag.

So, knowing what the bots look after the screening you can start building your page to match those criteria. I have said it before and here again, please wait a little further to do your page to get money fast as there are still some items you need to know not only how Google indexes pages. I do not want to look stubborn, if you already have a page or want to create one, please go ahead, you will just need to refurbish it later or to create a new one.

On Page Optimization

From previous section we can infer how to build a page that is friendly for bots that index pages. That is what we call on page optimization.

Summarizing, what we need to do to create a page that will get Google bots higher attention is to define the keywords we will be found with and include those keywords in:

Page URL

Page Title or Name

First paragraph

Among content

Last paragraph

The rule of thumb is that your density keyword is less than 5%. This means you should have no more than 5 keywords repeated among 100 words. That is because Google algorithm is set up in such a way that if keywords appear in an excessive quantity your page will be ignored for that keyword and even may be de-indexed.

If your page is over populated with keywords bots will think you are building your page just to get a good position in SERPs and have not as an objective to provide useful information for Google users.

Remember that Google is the most used search engine because they care about customers. They are always looking for relevant information regarding the topics people is searching through the keywords they type in Google’s graphic interface.

Once we build a site with the characteristics mentioned the next and enormous task is to get backlinks. This is very well known by the Internet Marketers in spite most of them do not openly disclose it when showing methods to get money fast. They mask this process with fancy words that are meaning to sale a service that at the end is just building backlinks.

At this point you may wonder where we are going to, if you started this blog from the first post thinking how to get money fast online, you have learned the buy-sales flow, keywords, Google bots and stuff like that. Now I will continue explaining about backlinks.

What is the purpose of all the concepts I have been throwing out? The purpose is first of all to get visitors, meaning traffic to your future site to get money fast. You still do not have a site but you need to know how Google indexes pages. I promise you will have one site and for free. Not only for free but optimized for Google. Just keep reading.

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