Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money Building a Free Blog

Now we can start thinking how to get money building a free blog. In a blog you can write whatever you want and visitors do not expect a structured layout. Actually they expect a unique layout for every blog. I say this to open your mind only, because if you remember how Google indexes pages, readers do not influence SERPs lists at all.

We will not write for readers to come in. This is something I need to remark and you need to put on your desk reminder’s list. We will write for Google bots.

You may think why I wrote too many posts before telling you that you will create a blog. The main reason is because you may have already created a blog before reading mine and you may have wanted to make money with your blog and got poor if no null results.

If you have been analyzing your blog through this blog explanation, you may feel now as a boy 5 years old that could not know if he was receiving a fair payment. After reading you will feel as after learning some math and wages information.

Now you have grown in knowledge and can evaluate the reasons why your blog does not get money online. It is not optimized to rank high in SERPs and does not get Google traffic targeted for a set of keywords that come from a market niche that is profitable. That it is.

Do you realize now? If not then go back to the very first post of this blog and read it again. You will not make money while you read the blog again but you are not making any money either. I can wait.

Ok, thanks for reading again. If you did not, it means you have opened your eyes to the light behind Internet darkness. If you did then I hope you have seen the light now. You are ready to get money building a free blog. You may feel like Neo when He saw the green numbers behind the agents.

Go to and create a blog. I am assuming you already have a Gmail account, if not I strongly recommend you to get one. You will use your Gmail account for everything related to get money online. In that way you centralize all the information and optimize your brain usage. Remember the minimum effort law.

There are more platforms to create a free blog. You will use them later on when creating your backlink network. At this point use blogger as it is designed to comply with basic Google bots requirements to rank high in SERPs.

It is not that Google bots put the blogger blogs higher in SERPs list. If the blog is not on and off optimized, it will not be there. If you want start from an advanced standpoint your career to get money building a free blog, Blogger is the best starting point.

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  1. hi! you write great posts and i have been reading all your contents more than weeks. please write more posts on building back links by creating many blogs by me only.