Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Free Money Monetizing Your Blog

Now it is the moment to start your money making parade. It is time to get free money monetizing your blog. By now you should have several blogs talking about several topics well positioned in Google for specific keywords being researched. So you have potential customers coming in to your blogs searching for specific items, your keywords.

Let’s think about the search-buy-sales process again and let’s imagine a person looking for Digital Cameras from Japan. He types Digital Cameras from Japan in Google; Google makes its work and displays Top 10 results which include your blog. If your blog is in the Top 3 places you will probably get clicked by a person looking for Digital Cameras from Japan.

Your blog is ugly; your information is vague even though you talk about Digital Cameras from Japan. He does not think you are worth of a reading even though you talk about the topic He is looking for, and screens the page for a way out.

You must provide him a way out in form of an advertisement that leads him to Digital Cameras from Japan. Otherwise the visitor will click back arrow in Internet Explorer and go back to results list and click the next page.

Here is the opportunity to include Adsense, the program Google uses to sell advertisement. If you are using blogger then it is juts a matter of including Adsense ads from configuration menu to get free money monetizing your blog.

You will need to apply for an Adsense account, it is free and you just need you Gmail account you should have by now if you have followed this blog. Once you do it you can use the Adsense code and insert it as an HTML widget in such a way that you can control the position.

Either way you do it, by adding Adsense from blog menu or HTML code, you need to place the advertisement in the best location for your visitors to click, and that is the upper part of the blog, because it will be in the mouse trail when looking for clicking the back button. Also that is the place that people pays more attention to, when screening a web page.

Here you are with a blog positioned in SERPs top spots for a specific keyword being searched at Google. You have added Adsense ads that will pay you for every click your visitors make. It is the best situation to get free money monetizing your blog. There may be more options but if you have read this blog I am sure you have saved some money you were willing to spend.

I am going to provide an advice for newbie’s, do not click your ads by yourself, that is highly banned by Google and you will loose your account. You may wonder that if Google has earned billions of dollars, they have money enough to hire the most brilliant applications developers for internet. They have done it and they will catch you clicking in your own ads.

There are people on internet claiming Google banned their account because they did not want to pay. Most of the times are people who wanted to game the system. You must get visitors through targeted keywords from profitable market niches and then compel them to click your ads without asking directly. If you do something against the rules Google has openly shared they have all the right to ban your account.

You need to play around with your ads placement, color, size and others in order to find the format that gets more clicks from your visitors. You can review CTR (Click Through Rate) for a period of time when you modify your ads and compare them to choose the highest one. Remember that Google has no issues if you want to get free money monetizing your blog. Google Adsense provides you those results for free in order for you to enhance your results.

You have an advantage anyway, as your blog is perfectly optimized for one topic; you will probably be sending visitors that will acquire something from the sites advertising in Adsense ads in your blog. Google Adsense bots, that are relatives to spider bots, will provide you with better converting ads, meaning those that sale the more.

Those ads are from pages that are also optimized for keywords that people search on Google and offer products and services those users are looking for. Those pages may not be able to hit top spots, mainly because the lack of backlinks. And also they may not have dedicated resources to climb the SERPs. They hire Google Adwords to advertise. You become the chain link they need to reach the customers.

As everything is aligned through buy-sale flow with your keywords, then you are fitted in a high money making flow. Now you are a Google’s preferred partner. Google wants you to get free money monetizing your blog. They have done it for many others and know that the more partners the more money.


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