Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money Checking the Position in SERPs

It is very rewarding to see how your blog starts climbing positions. You can manually start checking the position in SERPs at Google, just type your keyword, for example Digital Cameras from Japan and start looking for your blog.

You better learn that to get money online is going to be a hard task. Even though all the tools I have provided you until now are for free I am sure you need to understand the value of them and realize people behind them made a valuable work.

When you get tired of screening pages without luck, you may go to this page and get a little help.

This page is for free. It allows you request 5 queries a day. Just type the keyword in the first blank, then your blog URL address, your language, how many positions you would like to be screened at Google SERPs, the security code and click Ok.

You may think that the restriction to 5 searches by day is limiting, but if you have only one blog you will find that is good enough. You may plan your queries, 5 keywords a day. You will soon realize that Google does not move your blog as fast as you wish, but if you follow the SEO plan, it will move it consistently.

You may also think that screening first 1,000 positions is too short, but that means screening 50 pages and if you are not among Top 10 positions on first page you will get no visits. Knowing that you are after the 1,000th place is as good as to know you are after the 1,000,000th place. It means you are completely out of Google traffic sight.

You will not get money checking the positions in SERPs; this is only a very useful way to measure the advances of your work. If you make a bunch of backlinks and position does not move in a couple of days, then you need to review where are you getting the backlinks from.

Try searching several keywords. Go to your keywords list and us them to verify for which of them you start appearing among the first 1000 pages in SERPs.

If there are millions of pages related to your keywords and for some of them you start showing up among the first 1000 pages you can imagine that all you need to move upwards is to reinforce your strategy.

Just think how many of these pages have been there for years and none of them shows up among the first 1000 pages for that keyword. If you hit that ball, then it is just a matter of continue with the same swing.

That is why I recommend you to start with a low competency keyword. When you see your page climbing up the SERPs you fill yourself with confidence enough to move forward to get money checking the position in SERPs. If you start getting visitors from Google you can use the keywords you are being found with. I will give you more information about this topic on the next post

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