Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to be indexed by Google

Even though I am giving you instructions as how to be indexed by Google now, please wait further to create your page as you will need more details for the construction of the page. I am giving this instruction for you to start understanding how some concepts may be tangled by Internet Marketers in order to sell detangle e-books.

Once you have built up your page, search in Google a page related to yours. You can use one keyword that describes your page and request to make a link to your page. If you choose a page from Top 10 results and somebody accepts to give you a link, you will be indexed in no more than 24 hours.

To verify you have been indexed, just type your complete URL in Google and your page should appear as the Top 1 result.

Other option of how to be indexed by Google is to search for directories that allow you to upload your page into a specific category. Again, just type the word directory in Google and chose the first one that allows you to send your page for free. To be included in the directory may last a couple of days as main directories review your application before approve it for linking.

Once approved, it will take no more than a couple of days to get indexed by Google bots. Remember to verify the indexation by typing your complete URL in Google.

If it happens that you have a friend that by luck has a site already indexed by Google, then just request him to make the link. The indexation time will depend upon how will positioned your friend’s page is. Just make sure your friend’s page is indexed with instructions I provided you earlier.

Can you see how easy is to get your page indexed by Google? If you wish you can verify which of the pages you visit are indexed by Google. Just type the URL in Google. Also you may challenge some friend as which keyword people that visits him is typing in Google to find him. If you type the word and his page is not into the Top 10 results of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), then it is probably that nobody is finding that page from Google.

If you wish to test this indexation method of how to be indexed by Google, just create a new page and follow it up. I recommend you to wait a little more in order to start your page in a way that will be optimized to be found by spider bots. This optimization will help your page to get a good position in SERPs from the very beginning. I will explain further, please keep coming to this blog.

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