Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money from Market Niches

The next topic you must learn is to get money from market niches. Also you need to know how to find a profitable market niche. You may notice that after all the posts I have written I have not told you to build a page. Please hold your horses as you later on will see the benefit of starting with as much information as possible.

I do not attempt to prevent your from creating a page but if you see how many millions of pages have been created and sail lost in the sea of internet you may want to wait for a few more posts to start your own.

When you feel the boost your page will gather from the implementation of the process I am handing to you, you will harvest the product your patience has seeded on your mind.

I want to remark the difference between keywords and market niche. Most of the internet marketers skip market niche explanation as this topic is seen to be as out of the online world. It is true that the concept comes from offline world but it is also true that is needed in the online world.

Market niche is the area where you will focus your efforts to sell something either online or offline. First of all you must define who your customers are: Market Niche First. If you do not have customers, then you may have the best product or service and you will get no sales at all, and no sales means get no money.

You may think that you do not want to sale, well, bad news, if you want to get money from market niches online, or somewhere else you need to sale something. It may be your personal services as an employee, but you will sale something.

The better you sale the more money you get. Please carve that in your mind. If that is something that bothers you, then later on do not call your self deceived when results are entirely disappointing. You are being noticed in advance.

Once you define your customers then you define the product you will sale. One example is that your customers are going to be internet surfers looking for digital cameras. You may sale the digital cameras or links to places where digital cameras are sold. This is something you can do online, you may provide the product or service either or convey your customers to a place where they will find the product or service they are looking for.

You will get paid in any of the both ways, whatever you decide to provide. If you provide digital cameras to your customers then you will earn money directly from them by selling the digital cameras. If you provide links to a page that sells digital cameras then you will earn money from the owner of the page.

The owner of the page may pay you directly if you negotiate with him. Also the owner of the page may pay to Google through Adword program and Google will transfer a commission to you through Google Adsense.

It may also be that the digital cameras page owner pays somebody else like Clickbank or an affiliate program and you join Clickbank and the affiliate program and receive money from them.

You can see there are several ways to make get money from market niches online provided there are customers looking for digital cameras. However there is an important difference between selling digital cameras directly and providing links towards a page that sells digital cameras.

The first option requires you either to have a stock with an investment in advance or to get consigned stock or something similar to have the cameras available as soon as one customer hits the buy button. You better have those cameras on hand to be delivered the next second the customers pay for them, because Internet has made people very anxious and expect to get things on a snap.

That is the expectation from people buying something online. It may be reasonable or not but if you have received some lessons about customer satisfaction you may know the customers have eccentric behavior that shows randomly when less expected. Also you may know that if you do not fulfill their expectations you will not have a second chance to recover from there.

They will leave and say to whomever wants to listen how bad service they received from you. In this case, they will load the forums with words increasing your bad name.

The second option requires no investment upfront at all, just to build a free page and include the links for your customers. When I say no investment I mean no money investment.

It is your personal decision to start making money online with an economical investment. If you go that way I recommend you to get deeper in customer satisfaction and internet marketing and sales processes.

Of course learn everything about the product you will sale. Also include the needed tools to set up a sales channel through internet.

Make yourself a favor and carry out a serious investigation joining people that have had success in that field, before you empty your pockets and scream of pain. I will not go further that road since is beyond this blog scope.

Once you have defined your market niche then you create a set of keywords related to your market niche. To do that you will need Google’s help. Remember Google wants you to be their partner, which is how they make billions of dollars.

Go to this page and enter your main keywords:

You will get in return how many times a keyword is searched in Google by month and also a related list of keywords searched in Google.

After you have listed all the keywords you will use to attract customers than we are ready to build up our free sales page to get money from market niches. I will go deeper in future posts

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