Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money | How to Create Backlinks

You now know how a backlink must look like. If you check how most of the links are made in the social blogs, you will discover that most of them are useless as for SERPs positioning refers. Not much of them are aware of how to create backlinks to climb in the SERPs.

Links are made on text like More Info, See This Page, Click Here, and so on. Pages that are linked will be well positioned for those words in SERPs. The problem is nobody types in Google More Info, See This Page, Click Here, and so on.

If you type click here in Google, will show up on the first place since it has an insane quantity of links with those words pointing to their site.

To get backlinks is the main activity you will do. You will dedicate more time to create backlinks that the time you allocate to write your posts. To get money online you need to know how to create backlinks. This is because backlinks are the ones that will boost your blog to gain positions in SERPs.

Remember that Google give you points for every backlink you get. The more aligned the page that gives you the backlink to what Google bots like the more points to be added to your score. To be at Top 1 Position you will need to acquire more points that the one that is there at this moment for that keyword you are working with.

One of the very first options to get backlinks is to ask for them to your friends. If somebody has a page or blog and you have confidence enough to ask for a link, do it. Explain him how to create backlinks, with your keyword in the anchor text and inside a text body related to your blog theme, Digital Cameras, in this case.

When asking for links, do not link them all to your blog’s main page only, ask for every single post with the related keyword. For example, ask a backlink for the keyword Digital Cameras from Japan and direct the link to the post address that is named Digital Cameras from Japan. Then ask a backlink for the keyword Cheap Digital Cameras and direct the link to the post address that is named Cheap Digital Cameras. And so on.

This is the way that Google bots like to see. If you have a blog that has links for the main page only, Google bots will position well that page only. You want to get every single post well positioned in such a way that you monopolize SERPs list for every keyword related to Digital Cameras.

This is the way you will convey all the traffic from Google that is looking for Digital Cameras to your blog. You position every post in Top 10 result in such a way that for anybody typing a combination of Digital Cameras keywords your blog will be there to be clicked.

If you have friends enough with pages optimized for Google to get money, show all of them how to create backlinks, and link every single post from your blog to them in non reciprocal manner. Very soon, in days, you will see a good result

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