Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get More Money | Keyword

As I explained before in this blog to get more money, keywords are the words people type in Google when searching for something.

If your site does not show up in the SERPs when some keyword is typed you will never be found from Google and will never get visits from Google users.

Why do you want visits from Google? First of all because if you want to get more money you need people who will give you the money in exchange for something you will provide them. And 80% of persons searching for something in the internet do it through Google. So, focus all your efforts to get your page found through Google. This is not the only reason but the main one.

Later on we will see that also Google will give you something to provide to the people for their money, and that is Google Adsense. Keep that in mind. I will explain also further. Come back to this blog later on.

Coming back to keywords and its importance in the internet money flow, you need to understand how people buy something in internet. Let me describe it to you.

Buy-Sale flow in Internet

Imagine an internet user who turns his computer on, then it connects to internet and opens Internet Explorer, the most used browser for exploring internet. Then his home page is displayed, if He has some favorite pages He may visit them. While surfing He decides to search for something and opens a Search Engine page that happens to be Google for 80% of the internet surfers. After that He thinks about the minimum quantity of words needed to describe what He is thinking to find.

After a few seconds He types one or two words, it may be three or more, as much as He thinks will better describe his wishing to find think. Obeying the minimum effort law, He will type one or two words most of the time. That is why the most searched terms are just one or two words keywords. I will show you later where you can check how many times a word is searched in Google.

After He hits Enter key, Google will show Top 10 pages in the results list (SERPs). The surfer will visually review the Top 3 and if He finds something that calls his attention, meaning pages that will give him the answer, He clicks on that page link and will go to landing page (Page that links take him to). He will make a quick overall review and decide if sticks to the page or leave it by the second.

If He sticks to the page, He will search after what He is looking for and if it is in there will get it and leave. If it is something that is being sold, the surfer may either buy it or leave the page after reading the info and will comeback later. Most of the surfers do not bookmark pages that sell something, they feel that bookmarking the pages will attach them to page and will not let them make a free decision.

Also, they think that seller’s page owner may track them back and will insist on selling something they have not decided to buy yet. For either reason the most probable situation is that potential buyer will not bookmark the page.

They will comeback later after deciding to buy the product or service they were looking for. They will open Google and type the keywords again. Then if the page is still in the same top spot, they will click on the link and will acquire what is being offered.

If the first page does not convince the surfer, it may happen that the next page, from the Top 3 results will make it. That is because Google algorithm used to provide results shows the most suitable pages that will provide what the surfer is looking for.

In conclusion, if your page is not listed into the Top 10 spots when some internet surfer types a specific keyword in Google, you will never get traffic from Google. Please take a deep breath and realize this situation. It is huge. Remember that more than 80% of people searching for something use Google. You need Google working for you as I told you.

Why do we need to be found at Google? Because we need traffic to get more money online, the more traffic, the more money. No traffic, no money, as simple as that.

We need to be at the Top 10 results of the SERPs. How can we accomplish that? There are 2 main factors: Keywords and Backlinks.
By now you must have understood what the keywords are and their importance in sales-buy flow and to get more money, and also in the process of getting traffic from Google. Backlinks topic will be disclosed after we understand better how Google ranks the pages. See you soon.

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