Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Lots of Money | Backlink Network

If you want to get lots of money start thinking long term, go back to very first post of this blog, read it and come back. Thanks. Let’s continue. You will need to create a backlink network, let me help you to figure it how.

You may be wondering that those guys who already know what you have learnt in this blog are doing these things ahead of you. And you are right. Some of them are using some not so white hat SEO techniques that you can learn from different sites.

They are not breaking any law. They are just trying to game Google in order for the bots to rank them high in SERPs without providing useful information that Google users are looking for. In doing so they harm Google image as the most reliable search engine and that does not help anybody.

I am entitled to provide you free but useful guideline to get Top 1 position over the time. I do not recommend you to use some SEO technique you either are not clear of or you do not understand good enough to adjust if any undesirable consequence comes from its usage.

At this point, in order to increase the quality of the backlinks you need for your blog to climb in SERPs, you need a backlink network of well optimized and positioned pages. There are two ways to build up your backlink network; you can do them both at the same time.

If you want to get lots of money there is no way out. If you expect that by the nature of internet people will come and see your blog and provide you with backlinks of the best type, then you will probably invest big amounts of time to do it. You need a shortcut to reduce the needed time.

First option is to spread this message to every friend online you have, explain them and convince them to build a free blog up with the mere purpose to optimize it for a market niche and take it to a good position in SERPs. It would be good if the market niche is related to yours, some electronic device would work in the case of Digital Cameras blog.

Once you have several friend blogs, then you start linking among them, avoiding reciprocal links. This is because if spider bots detect a reciprocal link they may not have a problem but if they detect that most of your links are reciprocal then they frown. You do not want that, so avoid reciprocal links as most as possible.

If you look for backlinks in the web, you will find a lot of backlink networks places praying for reciprocal links. Ignore them, you will never outrank a high competitive market niche pages with reciprocal links. Google bots will give you no score for reciprocal links at the best. They may de-index your page.

You will grow your authority along with your friend blogs being all of them optimized for Google bots. Sometimes you may want to write for readers to come and learn something useful from you. Make a blog for that, do not use your optimized blog neither your friends. Later on this blog you will understand why. If you are serious about the intention to get lots of money keep coming back.

Second option is to create a blog backlink network by your self. This is going to be hard work but you will have all the control. Do not use automatic blog creator software, as bots detect the pattern and ban your network. Also you will need to provide useful information to Google bots. You need to work, period.

Define all the market niches you will attack and define all the keywords you will position in Google. Now you know how to detect an optimized page. Also, do not waist time looking for competitors, just focus on your own work and you will overcome them.

It is a good idea to set up as much computers as you can, and create several entities to homologate your friend’s network, in such a way that the spider boots see your entire network as a partner team that conveys traffic to get lots of money for them, advisors and yourself.

Be creative, imagine how a natural network would look like and emulate it. Bots do not think they just screen under an instruction. If you focus to provide them what they look for you will be a valuable partner to them.

After a while you will have a blog backlink network well positioned that Google likes. You will have keywords being searched on the web. The first blog will provide links to the second, the second to the third and so on. And every new one blog will be perfectly optimized for bots like it. So they will promptly line it up as a preferred page.

If it happens you to have your friend’s backlink network also then use them both to speed your high rank process in SERPs. Remember no reciprocal backlinks. Make sure you use all the keywords in the anchor text linked to all different pages of your blog.

I remind you to start attacking low or no competitive keywords to climb fast up in SERPs and gain authority in your first blogs to use that authority on the next blog and in more competitive niches and keywords.

Once you start showing up in the Top spots of Google for any keyword, you have started earning authority. Spider bots will come and visit your blog more frequently because you are a fresh information provider in the format that bots like. And the links you get are links well built up in the sense that they point to a relevant page for the anchor text you use.

It is dedicated hard work. You need to do it in a focused and trained manner to prevent you from getting frustrated when trying to get lots of money. To create a backlink network is the most important task you must carry out.


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