Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money | Name of the Blog

Once you are in Blogger, in the options to build your blog to get money, you will be requested to write the name of the blog. If you go back to the post that describes how to create a page, you will read that what we need to do to create a page that will get Google bots higher attention is to define the keywords we will be found with and include those keywords in:

Page URL

Page Title or Name

First paragraph

Among content

Last paragraph

We will create the blog and write for Google bots. So use your keywords in the blog name.

If your keywords are digital cameras, then the name of the blog must be digital cameras. You must use digital cameras as your first two words of the URL name. If it happens that is not available, then try digital-cameras with a slash in the middle of the letters.

Slash are invisible for Google bots. Also this symbol | is invisible for Google bots. You can use them to separate sentences or words without adding conjunctions. Later on you will see more places where to use them.

It may be that also digital-cameras is not available, if it is the case, add a word at the end of digitalcameras, do not add at the beginning, remember that Google bots read from left to right and we want them to quickly recognize what our blog is related to, digital cameras in this case. So you may add a word from your keyword list such as cheap, Chinese or so.

Even though blogspot is worldwide used, words combination number still exceeds in a great number the ones already taken. So I am sure you will find a combination that will be available starting with digital cameras.

You need to think how to get money with your blog. It is easy to forget the purpose of the blog and skip some instruction. Do not do it, take this as a requested homework and follow the instructions.

In order to increase your chances to rank high in the SERPs and take advantage of this situation to get money, you must use your keywords for the name of the blog. Remember how Google spider bots read the pages. They will start with the name of the page, then the title and so on, from left to right.

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