Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Money Fast | Backlinks Options

There are more backlinks options, for example writing articles and submits them to an article site. There are hundreds of places to submit articles to. You can also get money fast by selling articles. Some sites pay you to write. This is not the main purpose of this blog but you may use that option.

As always, search in Google and chose those ones appearing on top spots for terms related to your market niche. Remember if they are in top spot for some keywords means Google gives the authority to be there and that will help you. Also type words like submit your article and chose those ones on top spots that allow you to submit them for free.

You can easily create an article to be submitted. Just select one of the longest posts from your blog with the keyword you want the backlink for. Make sure the keyword is in the first sentence and you add the link to your post address with keywords as anchor text. Then modify the post as much as possible using synonyms and different paragraphs keeping the keywords.

After you modify it, submit it to the articles directory. You may need to sign up as an author or member before submitting, just do it. These backlinks options have several advantages; you will get backlinks and some visitors coming to your blog after reading the article.

Also it may happen somebody likes your text enough to make a link to the article from their site or blog. It is very usual that they just put a snippet, as you have the backlink on the first sentence, the backlink will be there also.

You will get backlinks from sites using your article even though they do not give you credit for your text. If you are lucky you will get links from sites related to your blog topic and that will help you to make money fast.

If you analyze the sites at First page for your main keyword, for example Digital Cameras, it may happen they have hundreds or thousands of backlinks, some of them coming from high pagerank pages. If you want to defeat them by over passing their position you will need to get better backlinks.

The backlink options you may create will need to comply with the best backlink characteristics. This will be very important when attacking a high competitive market niche dominated by experts’ internet marketers.

You may imagine how many people are searching ways to get money fast online; they have also developed backlinks options to support their pages. And as they are completely entitled to this task they have long and hard experience to do it. You will need to be faster and smarter.

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