Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Easy Money | Backlinks

If you search the internet you will find a lot of sites that offer you to get easy money. If you happen to find them on the Top 10 SERPs list is because they have a lot of backlinks properly set up.

Backlinks are links from other pages to your site. That it is, no more. The extremely high importance of backlinks, even far more than keywords, comes from the fact that Google algorithm use backlinks as a main factor to rank pages on the results list.

Let’s imagine that Google list pages by points earned in their rank. These points are calculated by Google bots while they crawl the pages. So the more points the higher in the SERPs, meaning closer to Top 1 position.

Now, the points are rewarded from keywords optimization on your page and from backlinks. If there are two pages talking about the same topic, then the more aligned keywords are the more points Google bots will give them. The more backlinks pointing to your page, the more points Google bots will give you.

Well, in the case of the backlinks is not that straight. Let me explain you. There are several ways of building a backlink. For example, somebody may write about your page that talks about to get easy money and make a link with your page URL somewhere aside to the content of the page. This backlink may help you to get indexed but will not provide you a big quantity of points in the eyes of Google bots.

Google bot are looking for backlinks to your page that are built in another page that is related to your page’s topic. Also they look for a link that is inside the content of the page as a referral using the keywords your page is optimized for, being the same keywords surfers’ type in Google when they find you.

You may have started to notice the keywords importance all along the internet search-sale-buy process. That is why keywords are also important to get easy money online.

Also Google would like that pages linking to you make links using several combinations of words using your keywords in the link text. The link text is named the anchor text. For example for our digital cameras page, Google would like a link that is inside a page that is relative to Digital Cameras, Cameras and Electronic Devices or alike.

Such a link should be inside a paragraph that talks about digital cameras or something similar, and the text link should be digital cameras, cheap digital cameras, Chinese digital cameras or some similar keywords combination.

This is the moment to remark the Google criteria to list high in the SERPs: backlinks must be built up using keywords as anchor text and must be naturally spread inside related pages text.

If the page linking to you is optimized for digital cameras and shows up on the Top 10 results for digital cameras, then this is the best link you can get and that will provide the maximum points for Google bots.

The Best Backlink

Let me list the characteristics of the best backlink you can get in order to achieve the maximum score for being indexed by Google bots, proven that your page has been optimized for your keywords:

- Page linking to you must be related to your keywords

- Link anchor text should be your keywords and a variation of your keywords

- Link must be inside text related to your keywords and should appear naturally as part of it

- Page linking to you is listed on Top 10 results of SERPs for some of your keywords

- Page linking to you has pagerank of 7 or more

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There is something you need to be very clear of, if you want to take a page to the Top Spots in Google to get easy money from traffic searching what your pages offer, you need backlinks. The better and the more backlinks the higher in the SERPs your page will be.

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